Saturday, April 9, 2011


Just 3lbs to go for my first weight goal! At least that's according to the scale this morning.
Even with the cheat dinner last night (and awesome dessert), I still came in at 202.8! WOO! I just drop the .whatever, so 202. YAY! Was expecting it to be back up to 206 or something. *happy dance*
I know I would already be there if I just exercised, but damn I'm lazy!
My tracker says 2lbs but 3lbs to get to 199 is what I want :D
I was planning on doing some rowing machine, but what we ordered hasn't arrived yet b/c apparently FedEx SUCKS.
We were supposed to get it Wed. It's only coming from GA, and we're in SC. That takes what, a DAY... and it has had "In Transit" since Tuesday with the estimated delivery date that was up, now gone. Such complete bullshit!

Anywho... here are today's tests
Line still visible but slowly disappearing. OPK is usually a lot lighter by now, but it's still hanging in there. Looks a lot darker IRL than it does in photos.

Oh speaking of dinner last night.... we went to Texas Roadhouse. It's FiL's birthday today so went out last night with family to where he wanted to go. Was still OK with what I got except for mashed potatoes (which were yummy) and ranch and chedder cheese on my salad. After dinner, we went to Rush's and got a hot fudge cake sundae.
Anyways, we of course were sitting at a table with SiL, her husband, and DH's older sister who is in town for a little while.
I couldn't really hear anything so even if she did say something stupid, I didn't hear it thank gawd.
I did however hear one part of their convo. Preggo SiL started talking about how far along she is. It just made me really sad hearing about it b/c we would've been exactly the same. It didn't ruin my night or anything, but I did get jealous and sad for myself. SIGH

I couldn't sleep for shit last night. Kept waking up and not able to get back to sleep. Finally woke up at about 3:30, slept on and off for a while and finally got up and laid on the couch to see if that would help. Nope :(
I'm ok right now but I know I'll pay for it later.
HCG dreams were all over the place last night. Only one I really remember is the last one. Older SiL, Uncle and Aunt (the ones that have the chickens) had come over. I was just getting up from bed, made my way in to the living room where SiL was playing a video game. Uncle was playing on computer, so I went out back to see what DH and aunt were doing.
DH had planted pine trees in my garden for some reason and was really doing a number on the soil. Digging it up and piling it.
Aunt was helping him but she was tired and resting.
I come out and suddenly, he announces that there are baby alligators in the garden. I'm all like "WTF?" b/c our back yard is fenced in and we aren't close to water. I mean there are small ponds and lakes around our neighborhood, but we're not really close to them.
So I come closer and see that he's holding one. Of course I think it's adorable, but DH hadn't noticed all of the others in the soil he had just been digging up. Lots of dead ones that he accidently killed and something was wrong with the one he held b/c it had maggots all over it and there were flies buzzing around everywhere.

So yeah, what started off as a mundane dream ended up a bit gross and depressing.
And finally! I keep forgetting to mention this but we bought some chickens! Well bought them for DH's uncle and aunt. Won't be getting them until flippin June though b/c they're backordered and even then they'll only be chicks and I think it takes around 5 months before they're grown and start producing.
Oh well.


LisaB said...

Yay for weight loss! Good job!
Tests are looking good - can't wait to see the HPT get darker again :-)
It would be hard to be around SIL, but hopefully you'll get your miracle here soon.

The Lady Girl said...

That's excellent Lisa. I am very proud of you. I can't wait to see pics of the chickens.