Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seriously.... last one!

REALLY tried making the stupid line show up. I think it's just the ghost/2nd line showing up, or hell, it could even still be picking up the trigger shot. Who knows. There IS something there though. Now whether or not it's a good or faulty something... meh.

Not really sure how well the line is showing in the photo, but I tried marking where it is in pencil.
It's a thin line that I'm seeing, not something thick like the horizontal line.
The test is still drying too so, maybe it'll get darker. *shrugs*

Ok time to go watch some Netflix before I let the crazy take completely over!

EDIT: Quick update.... getting ready to get up..... felt a sharpish light kind of poking cramp in the uterus area. Is it something? *shrugs* I sure hope it is!
Still feeling some aching in the same area actually so.... hmmm. Hope it's something good going on!

EDIT #2: Did a water change in one of my fish tanks. Came back in here to see if the test has dried more. The horizontal line is now SUPER faint, but it made the vertical line kinda stand out a little bit better.
It's still super faint and not sure how well it came out in the photos. I adjusted one to be lighter and the other darker. Think the darker shows it a bit better?

I know I keep obsessing over it. I just need to really do it for myself. Confirm to myself that I'm not just seeing things that aren't there lol.


SLESE1014 said...

Your POAS addiction is catchy....

If you felt something and you're really 8dpo it could be implantation...I felt it with my chemical pregnancy...right around 8dpo or maybe 8dpiui, but basically the same time.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!

Kerrik said...

Fingers crossed. Man, you must have a stockpile of those pee sticks. :)

LisaL said...

I have a TON of the wondfos lol. I order nice big batches b/c I know ordering only a few won't last me :P lol

LisaB said...

I'm excited!! Come on and get darker!