Monday, April 4, 2011

Scratch that...

What I said about not feeling any O pains. I THINK I may be feeling a little bit. It's not obvious and if I had my mind on something else I probably wouldn't have even noticed anything.
I've been feeling some aching on the left O. I don't really pay attention to it, b/c it could easily be bowel.
Just felt a quick ache on the right O though and still feeling just a little bit.

Going to try some pineapple core this cycle. If my temp is up tomorrow, I'll start eating it then. It's supposed to help with implanting so FX.

EDIT: I really think something is going on with the left ovary as well because I'm getting O aches. Pretty sure it's not just bowel. Can follicles even grow after the trigger is given? Looking up info on google, looks like they do in fact grow after the trigger is given. She measured one or 2 on the left at arund 13 and 14. So maybe they caught up enough! FX


Jen said...

My fingers couldn't be anymore crossed for you!!!

LisaB said...

I've seen them grow pretty fast sometimes - you'd be surprised! Maybe one caught up! The trigger will make them grow, too! Good luck!!!