Thursday, April 21, 2011

Micro-dose HCG

Just sitting here waiting for the pharmacy to call already and I decided to google some stuff.

I came upon an interesting link about a study that paired micro-HCG w/ clomid in women who failed to ovulate with clomid alone.

If you don't want to click it, basically it took 67 women who had failed to ovulate on clomid alone.
Group 1 was given clomid and the micro-dose HCG when their dominant follicle measured 12mm.
Group 2 was given a slightly higher dose of clomid.
Their study showed that the women who took the micro dose hcg had a higher rate of ovulation and a higher rate of pregnancy (which I guess would be obvious since they ovulated more than the other group lol).

I just thought that was some interesting info and maybe pass the information along. Specially to those who can't afford to move on to injectables. This could maybe be an option if your doc is open to it.


socialite_baby said...

That's very interesting! I really want to try a trigger, but I saw how to do it on and it terrifies me. I'm not even scared of needles! Even if my doctor did it I'd probably pass out.

LisaL said...

When my nurse gives me the trigger, I honestly don't feel a thing. She gives it sub-Q and just jabs it right in there. Only thing that may hurt is the actual HCG meds but even then it's not bad.