Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not looking too promising

My temp dropped this morning. Expecting to start spotting later today unless the progesterone prevents it which I hope it won't.

Feeling pretty heartbroken over it.

Tests this morning. No real point in posting them. BFNs and even the OPK lightened up. Not sure why it would darken the way it did. Maybe nothing, or maybe a little egg tried implanting again but couldn't.
Not that it really matters now.

I dunno, honestly, even though I was really hopeful, I just felt like our chances were very slim and never really believed I would get a positive this time. Oh I really wanted it and hoped for it, but I haven't had success with just one follicle before, so why would I now.

Pretty sure I have cysts again too. With the way my ovaries have been aching off and on, I would be shocked if I didn't. So it means next cycle will be a break with no chance unless a miracle happens and I ovulate on my own. Pfft, yeah right.

It's going to be a long wait. I guess I'll start to exercise as the routine seems to go. Failed cycle, I focus on losing weight. We did buy a rowing machine that I've been wanting to try out but was afraid to. Didn't want to start anything new if there was a bun in the oven. Guess won't have that delay now.

UGH this weekend has been the absolute WORST with food. Afraid to get on the scale lol.
Why has it been bad? Family get together!!!
What did they fix? A bunch of deep fried foods! UUUUUGH
And what's today? Family Reunion... w/ food!!! UUUUUUUUUUGH
Oh, and who's gonna be there getting as much sympathy and attention as possible? Pregnant idiot SiL!! Seriously, yesterday, she had her husband help her out of the car. WTF bitch, you're not crippled in any way physically.
UGH gawd she just irritates the hell out of me. I don't hate her, even after all of the crap she has said. I just REALLY dislike her.


LisaB said...

:-( Oh no, I'm so sorry. I hope you're not out yet. HUGS!!! Thinking of you.

Sandy said...

Oh I'm so sorry. I'm hoping AF doesnt arrive!

The Lady Girl said...

(((Lisa))) I feel you're frustration in every way. I am praying for a positive for you!

One Cycle at a Time said...

I'm so sorry. :-( Its sooooooo frustrating!!!!

SLESE1014 said...

I'm so sorry honey!!! I wish you could avoid the idiot SIL least that would brighten up your day a little!!!

I'm sure you'll be great getting back on the food wagon! You've done a marvelous job so far!!!