Saturday, April 16, 2011

Come on!

Just gimme a clear answer already!! *cry*
We got back from the store a little while ago. Went to Walmart first. Of course Walmart sucks so they only had 1 equate test. Got it along with an Answer pack. Didn't want the answer but since I didn't know what color dye tests Target uses, I got them just in case.
Went a few other places, then finally to Target. I think their regular non early pregnancy tests are pink dye, but their early tests are blue.
I got the blue dye ones. Oh well. It's soemthing different and equally as frustrating lol.
When we finally got home, I took a Target brand, 2 wondfo hpts and another OPK.
Reason I took 2 wondfos is b/c the first has a dot on it right where the 2nd line would appear and I knew it was going to do something. Either just draw the eyes there or cause some kind of fault to happen.
It definitely caused something to show up well. Whether if it's a real line or faulty, I have no idea.

Target Brand first. Not sure if I see anything. I really want to and I'm not positive I do or don't. I'm leaning towards BFN though.

The wondfos
First is the OPK with the dotted HPT

And then the 2nd HPT

Both HPTs actually show something super faint (not so much in the photos but IRL), so once again I'm stuck wondering. The OPK is about as dark or maybe a little darker than this morning. *shrugs* if that means anything though.

EDIT: Wanted to mention that all 3 HPTs dried with the 2nd line more visible, specially the wondfos. The blue dye test has a super SUPER faint vertical line, but I'm not familiar with how these work when dried, so *shrugs*
Sigh.... I really hope tests tomorrow show something good and AF stays away! Come on, no spotting!!!

I am super wet down there though and that usually happens before AF arrives. Boo :(


K_Bom said...

Damn frustrating 2WW!

Stay strong, keep busy, good luck!

Liz said...

With the Wondfos I find them most accurate once they are dried. I know you had a temp dip... but there is still hope!

with love and support,
your cyster!