Friday, May 20, 2011

Aaaand the bitterness is back

Right back to where I was earlier. Not wanting to see any new BFPs.
Specially from the "We weren't even trying!" or the "We JUST started!" crowd.
YAY good for you, you aren't infertile! Now please just shut the hell up and go away!
Nothing against the women personally... seriously, I have nothing against them, but screw their fertility! The hell if I want to read about how you accidently got frickin pregnant, or got pregnant only a few months of trying!!
Seeing you exclaim your newly gotten BFP and seeing how easy you got it only makes me feel more like a useless sack of shit!
So excuse me while I pretend that you don't exist.

Oh and to add some ice to my tall cool glass of Haterade...
Why the hell is EVERYTHING about pregnancy?? Seriously, every other damn commercial on tv is about someone having a baby. Whether if it's the ipad2 showing an ultrasound or an embryo's cell multiplying, or a damn Publix commercial about their bakery where someone is getting a "It's a Girl!" cake.
And don't get me started with Grey's Anatomy and their chars ending up pregnant.
NM that they totally just waxed over Meredith's struggles and just made her char adopt. NM that Christina is now pregnant and doesn't want to be.
And Private Practice, hell, all that show is about most of the time is some pregnant woman struggling.
The commercials though.... those are the ones that get me, b/c at least the shows are an hour long and that's it. But the commercials are ALL day reminders. Just UGH.


One Cycle at a Time said...

I know what you mean. I can feel myself wincing every time a damn commercial for pregnancy tests comes on... It seems like every commercial break.... Sigh...

Diana said...

I drank a big glass if haterade too.. Blahhhhh.. My FB wall is covered w statuses saying how " awesome it feels to feel me baby kick!!" STFU!!!!!