Monday, May 2, 2011


Just got a call back w/ E2 results.
And it's at 1887.
I guess that's good? Man I wish my left ovary didn't hide so they could see what was going on with it as well. Pressing down where the ovary is, it's tender.
Dang bowel blocking the view!

So yeah..... just have to hope that at least 2 or so release mature healthy great quality eggs.

Not going to be testing out the trigger shot so much. I'll test Sunday of next week. I have a lot of OPKs though so I'll use some of those if I feel the need to pee on something hehe.
I just don't have a lot of wondfo HPTs left and want to hold out on buying more.


unaffected said...

I think that's a great number! I think you have multiple mature follicles with that #!

FX for you, Lisa!!!

Sandy said...

That is a great number! I think you have a lot more mature follicles too. Mine was around 1700and I ended up having ten eggs retrived and eight made it to embroys. Good luck! This seems like a great cycle for you!

drreginia said...

Do you have a list to tell what the acronyms mean? Some days I am so lost. I think it's something valuable that I need to know.

LisaL said...

I'm sorry drreginia! Next time I post I'll post up what the acronyms stand for :)