Sunday, May 8, 2011


Dinner wasn't awful. Wasn't exactly good either though.
Thankfully preggo SiL wasn't feeling sick, so instead of having to hear her bitch and moan.... we had to listen to her gush along with everyone else talking about it. Sigh.....
Also didn't help that she had a new shirt on that said "Mommy to be" or something like that.
And then of course everyone trying to guess what she's going to be having and blah-frickin-blah.

I could care less about the attention she's getting. I'm a shy person IRL so the less attention I get the better... it's just once again her representing the failure of this past BFP. She's where I would be. I'd already know what I was having (they're not checking gender until next month).... I would be planning everything right now to prepare for our little boy or girl. Sigh....

Was feeling a little emotional earlier. Started thinking about the "Kiwi" animation and had to struggle from bursting in to tears in the car on the way to the inlaws.
It's a popular video, so I'm sure some of you have seen it. Posting it for those who haven't. Have some tissues ready!

Uterus is still feeling heavy and my ovaries have started to ache. Think whatever follicles didn't ovulate are now large enough cysts to cause the aching. Nothing I haven't experienced before.

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