Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bleh... slight hangover

Ok, first up... here are this mornings tests.
There's still a line on the HPT, but it's very very slowly getting fainter. OPK is surpringly still dark though. Sigh, wouldn't it be some shit if I O'd on my own.
I can still hope for something at least.

Left O still aches a little, not much thankfully. Makes me wonder why though. Why did it get SO sore from this?

Did drink last night. Drank too much. I always end up forgetting to let the alcohol kick in before I drink more. BLEH! Paid for it last night and with the slight hangover this morning. It was still fun though heh.
I do NOT recommend Skittles Vodka. WAY too much work for not even a good payoff. Sure it looks pretty w/ the vibrant colored vodka, but there is barely any skittles taste to cover the vodka/alcohol burn and as I said, just way too much work having to filter out the nasty white skittles gunk.
Want to try Jolly Rancher vodka whenever we decide to drink again, but UGH, even thinking about that is making me want to hurl.

Oh and I'm sorry I haven't been a very good blogger buddy. I promise to catch up with everyone soon :)

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