Saturday, May 14, 2011

I caved!

Raise your hand if you actually thought I would make it until tomorrow before I tested again. Pfft yeah, that's what I thought :P lol Hell, I didn't even raise my hand hehe

The test def has a line on it. It's lighter than the noon test, but I'm not really worried about that since it has only been a few hours.
I only have 5 more wondfo tests, so need to conserve what I have now. I'll probably start using up the Answer tests if there's still something there tomorrow.
Here are the photos. Oh and I also took an opk. It's getting darker as well. Not a +, but hopefully on its way.

I'm starting to believe there is something in there trying to stick around, but if it does or not... we'll see.
Just this damn spotting has me SO worried. Specially now with these tests. If AF starts, it means once again, something went wrong and I lost another.
I would find it very difficult to believe that it was another chromasomal supposed problem that caused it, ya know?

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