Saturday, May 7, 2011

Feeling better

Stomach isn't quite as hard and bloated as yesterday thank goodness. It felt like I had eaten an entire watermelon, and my stomach was hard like I had as well. SO uncomfortable. It's still feeling achy when I press on my stomach, but it's ok. Hopefully it won't get worse.

Went to Ihop for dinner last night. It WAS supposed to be a steak house, but preggo's husband is a frickin IDIOT. Seriously, we ALWAYS go out around the same time every Friday, yet he insists on taking 2 of their dogs (they leave the other at home b/c they don't like it) out for a LONG ass walk without his cell phone.
So the reservations that we had at the steak house were given to someone else b/c his dumbass had literally just gotten home from walking the dogs when we were supposed to be at the restaraunt.
He's done this before too. Supposed to meet somewhere at say.. 6. They don't show up until almost 7 b/c he's gone out to walk the dogs.
Both of them deserve eachother b/c they're both MORONS. Well no, he's a door mat moron, and she's just a bitch.
And I swear, I am so GD tired of hearing her complain about her pregnancy. Oh boo-fucking-hoo for you. You have a baby growing in you and you vomit a lot! Do you know how many women would do anything to be in your situation???
Of course I won't say anything to her b/c I don't want to stress her out which wouldn't be good for the baby. Sigh, it sucks having some morals sometimes :P lol

Enough about them...... DH and I started talking about cloth diapering last night. Sigh. It was nice and fun to talk to him about that. I dunno... cloth diapering interests me, but the thought of having to clean poo off by hand grosses me out rofl. I'll have to look in to it a lot more whenever our time comes.

I haven't really been feeling much of anything though, well besides the bloating. My boobs are a little sore to the touch, but my nipples aren't.
I've been feeling some sharp pains in the uterus area, but it could easily be bowel or this bloating causing it. Plus I'm only like 4dpo so it would be WAY too soon maybe.
I am really restless. I can't stay asleep, and if I wake up, I can't get back to sleep quickly. SO frustrating.
My legs are getting a weird achy feeling as well which is also distracting when trying to get back to sleep.
Still dreaming, but they're def not as vivid as they usually are w/ the trigger shot and I can't remember them which isn't the norm w/ the trigger.
Maybe the dose she gave me wasn't very strong or something. *shrugs*

I'm still feeling OK, but starting to get that anxiety impatience feeling.
Please please please let this be it. Please give us a sticky baby(s). Please let us start our family.

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