Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tests and.... yeah

Here are noon tests. Could only manage about a 2.5hr hold, but meh, whatever.
Here are the wondfos.... sigh, pretty sure the hpt is getting darker.....

And here's the last answer.
I dunno, guess I was expecting it to be a lot darker by now? The line did darken up after the time limit, but meh.... it's after the time limit...

Here's the answer from 2 days ago. Not the best comparison since the lighting is different.

The one from today is just SLIGHTLY darker, but if my hcg was doubling as it should.... like I said... wouldn't it be darker by now?

My digi test battery has finally faded. No more YES+ to taunt me. Only have a paper plate full of pink dyes to do that now.

I guess I have a very few set of symptoms. Dull headaches constantly. Most of them come and go, but there have been a few that I need to take tylenol for and then others that just won't go away at all and eventually cause my stomach to get upset.
Acne in places I haven't gotten it in since I was a teenager.

And yeah... that's it.

Been googling as much stuff as I can. Recently looked up negative blood tests but still pregnant.
Not a lot of info but it seems to happen to quite a few women.
That's not really my situation since my blood tests are coming up with something, but I thought it was interesting to read the experiences.
I just wish the women that did experience it would go in to more detail. Like what was their HCG number when they got the negative, what was it when they got the positive? What did their HPTs look like when they finally got a positive? Was it dark? Light?
Nope.. it's usually just vague responses.

But yeah, all of the other worst case scenerios sound a lot more like what I'm experiencing now. SIGH! I need to just push myself away from the computer for a while....

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K_Bom said...

I was wondering how you were going after reading last weekend's post and just dropped by to see what was happening ... wow, talk about torture!

I'm crossing fingers hard for you, that whatever the outcome, you get an answer, and soon. I often think worse than getting bad news is getting ambiguous answers, that don't bring you any closer to knowing what's going on. I'd much rather have the bad news straight away so I can deal with it, somehow.

All I can say is, just keep hanging in there. And if you get any symptoms that concern you, just go straight to hospital. Sometimes fertility clinics can be pretty blase as I'm sure they deal with this sort of thing every day.