Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jumped up

Woke up early again today at 2am when a bad storm was passing. Took my temp then and it came out as 98.69!! It jumped WAY up! I think it's just a fluke, but it does give me some hope.
This is twice I've woken up about this time now.... I expect to tomorrow now as well. My sleep schedule gets screwed up so easily. Sigh.

Here are tests for today.

Must say.... after seeing what that temp was... I was hoping for a darker HPT lol.
I was actually expecting the HPT to be a lot lighter today, but it's about the same as yesterday's test.
Now if tomorrow's test is darker, then I'll get excited. Right now... it'll just keep me obsessing :P

Was going to post that I thought I didn't have any cysts, but getting some twangy cramping on my left ovary again.

Boobs aren't very sore any longer. They still are a little to the touch, but not as bad as before. Nipples are still a little sore.

Feeling ok emotionally right now. Must say that temp today really got my hopes up. Damnit. I know that's not a bad thing, but I just don't want to be devastated and not prepared if this cycle is a bust... ya know?

And finally, I'm sorry if I haven't been leaving comments on others' blogs. I swear, I have been lurking around and reading posts! :)

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