Sunday, May 1, 2011

TMI? Pffft

Seriously, is there a need for that any longer in a TTC forum? Women go there looking for information on EVERYTHING related to TTC. Whether if it's the color or smell of their CM to if they're constipated or have diarrhea.
I mean hell, everyone knows when someone is having sex and can probably guess the position their doing it in as well.
So really... TMI??

Anywho..... I haven't posted about food in a while so here goes. No photos b/c I've been forgetting to take them. SIGH.

I fixed a taco kind of thing tonight.

The primal tortillas were kind of gross. Just not a fan of the texture of paleo type of pancakes. They're mushy and I dunno... not great lol.
That's what they were though. Not like a typical flour tortilla, but more of a pancake.
The meat was good though. I cooked ground beef. Didn't measure the spices and added a little extra. I'll make the meat again for a taco salad. It was pretty awesome w/ some lettuce, tomato and chunky salsa. Yum yum!

I also made these today
They're a primal homemade cheez-it.
It's.. meh, just ok. I'm gonna try it again probably next week. Change it slightly though. Add a lot more cheese and make sure to roll out the dough very thin so it all turns out crispy.
What I did make isn't that bad though. Has a really good after taste. Just not as cheesy tasting as I had hoped it would be. You can really taste the almonds in it from the almond flour.

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