Saturday, May 14, 2011

And it's back

The spotting did stop for a little while.
DH came home from work. We went out to Kohl's so he could get some pants and use these coupon things we have.
I started feeling wet.
We finally came home, I used the bathroom, and there was a good size spot of blood on the panty liner. About the size of a dime and a half.
It didn't look like fresh blood, but it didn't look all that old either.
Put in my progesterone sup, and the applicator had brown, peach, and a tiny spot of red.

Honestly not thinking this is going to end well and AF is going to show tomorrow. I REALLY hope not.
Hope that I get a darker more obvious test. Hope the spotting stops, or at the very least doesn't get any worse.
Hopefully I'll stay asleep long enough tonight to get a good temp. I think that will tell me everything. If it's still up, then maybe.... but if it has fallen, then no.

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