Saturday, May 21, 2011


Actually had proper FMU this morning.
Didn't wake to use the bathroom during the night, and didn't have to fix breakfast so got to sleep in.
Yeah.... pesky line is still there. Well.. pesky if this isn't anything good....

I don't know what to think. I mean obviously, I'm still testing positive, but I have absolutely no symptoms. Boobs and nips don't hurt in the slightest. Not even when squeezed. Don't feel nauseous, tired, nada. I am getting a dull headache and have had that since I went to bed last night, but I usually get headaches during AF.

Only thing that is concerning me is that my right side is starting to get a little more achy. It's not bad or anything and not even there most of the time. Just when I lay on that side, and even then it takes a little bit for it to start aching, but still... there's a very real possibility of this being ectopic.

SIGH. Gonna be a long weekend.

I did go out with family last night to dinner.
I was hungry as hell so went out with them. My emotional state was ok though.
SiL was annoying along with her dumbass of a husband, but it wasn't that bad.

I did learn that I'm probably never gonna be able to eat jalapenos again. BOOOO
I put a couple on my salad (we went to a buffet), and those few... seriously, maybe 5 slices of pickled jalapeno, had me running for the bathroom an hour later and I'm still paying for it this morning.

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