Monday, May 16, 2011

Single digit

Beta only came an 8. So yeah.... another chemical pregnancy.
I guess my tests earlier were flukes. Urine must still be holding on to some HCG which caused the darker tests.
Was told to go ahead and stop the progesterone.
Going to get a call from the RE later in the week, and I go back in Monday to get another beta done I think.

This really frickin sucks. 3rd time is a charm my ass.
What the hell is wrong with my body?
Sigh.... we'll see what the RE recommends I guess. Maybe he'll want to do all of those blood tests on DH and I.


Won't be able to try again until July. We're going on that trip the last 2 weeks of June. Was hoping I'd be pregnant so would have an excuse not to ride the rollarcoasters. I love rollarcoasters, but I would love being pregnant more........

I hate this... I really do.


socialite_baby said...

No!! :( I'm so incredibly sorry.

Are you going to be getting RPL testing done?

LisaL said...

Not sure.
The last consult, the RE didn't really see a point to any of the testing people usually get done, but I guess we'll see what he says now.

SLESE1014 said...

I'm so sorry....I hope you get some answers when you talk to your RE again! Maybe this time off will be a good thing...enjoy your vacation!! Rest your body & have fun with your DH!!!

Jen said...

I'm sorry :o(