Sunday, May 22, 2011

More and more paranoid

Here is my noon test
Photo doesn't show it too well, but I THINK the hpt may be darker than the ones from yesterday. Difficult to say for sure though.
Maybe once it dries it will be easier to compare the 2.

Anyway... left ovary is still aching. Right one is aching very slightly now too.
AF is still winding down. Taking her sweat ass time to get!
Blood has turned to that rusty, not-so-fresh color now though which eases my mind a little.

I'm growing more and more worried now though. Just scared that this is ectopic and they're going to have to do surgery and take an ovary or tube. I already have enough problems conceiving, I don't need THAT too.
Pfft, tell them while they're in there to scoop some stomach fat out while they're at it :P Or tell them to do ovarian drilling.
Sigh....... tomorrow is gonna get here, and I'll have some answers hopefully.
Eagerly awaiting.

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