Monday, May 30, 2011


My body is doing what it should. I mean it sucks that it's a natural m/c, but at least I didn't have to take anything or get anything done to eliminate the non-viable.
Here are the tests from this afternoon. Pretty much the same as the ones from this morning. There's one of those dot indents on the hpt which makes the 2nd line look darker than it actually is. It's super super faint once again IRL.

Having doubts that I may have O'd or will. Getting nothing when I check up there except for my usual creamy white CM. I mean I guess it's possible that some EW is way up there that I can't reach, but sigh.
I dunno.. that ole negative Nelly is creeping in causing doubt.
Like I said, will have to wait and see what my temp does, but that's not going to tell me much if it's like last cycle.

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