Friday, May 20, 2011

cd4 saga continues

Here are this morning's tests. Wondfo opk and hpt

The line on the HPT took quite a while to even come up. About maybe 4 minutes. I thought it was going to be BFN, and was actually relieved (but still kind of disappointed funny enough), but then the line did finally start to show.
As you can see the OPK is def not anywhere near being a +. I know a lot of people don't trust OPKs with this, but they've always shown me accurate results. Means that whatever HCG is in my system, there isn't a lot of it.

Someone on one of the forums that I go to shared that when she had her m/c, her hpts were still showing BFPs for quite a while. Her doctor told her that it was b/c the tissue kept growing until ya know, finally it's flushed out.
Maybe that's what is happening here. I don't think mine was growing at all, but maybe it just hasn't been flushed completely out yet.

I still can't help but think though... what if I had continued with the progesterone. Would it have stuck around and grown as it should have? Would this have finally been my miracle?
I know, I shouldn't think that, but come on.... of course the thought is going to cross my mind as I'm sure it would anyone else's.

Sigh.... I'm ok though. Not freaking out over this like I was yesterday. I am confident that the tests will eventually just show nothing, or that there is a non-ectopic explanation for why this is going on.

Oh and I took my temp this morning. It's well below my post-O temp.

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