Wednesday, May 11, 2011


To mention another possible symptom.
Although my boobs and nipples aren't AS sore... my nipple and just a little of the aereola are darker. Also the nipple is still large like it usually is with the trigger shot.

Still feeling some left ovary aches. Just a mild aching cramp. Not painful, just uncomfy and it doesn't last very long.
Right now my mid-lower back is starting to ache, but think that's just b/c I've been sitting here all day.

I had a weird Glee dream last night. Kurt and his bf were trying to get away from Finn b/c Finn was some psycho trying to kill them.
And Kurt kept calling Blaine, David. Now how strange is it that I would dream of him calling him David, considering there is that magician David Blaine :P lol I dunno, I just thought that was weird heh.

Oh I also felt nauseous after eating lunch. Only just a little bit as it was yesterday.

I'm a bit restless at night too. I'm sleeping fine when I actually get to sleep, but if I wake up, I have a difficult time getting back to sleep.

I think that's it.
Much better post to leave the day on instead of my crazy TWW ramblings :P

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Marly said...

iM PRETTY stoked for you this cycle, more so than normal for some reasaon

have everything crossed