Sunday, May 15, 2011

The wait

Alrighty, so here are my noonish tests.
It was a 2.5hr hold, but apparently that was enough.

Took a wondfo hpt and OPK.
OPK is still meh.... Makes me wonder why the one from last night was so dark.
Can't tell if the HPT is darker or the same or what. Just know that the line is there.

Took an Answer test. And the POS once again had a visible 2nd line right out of the wrapper. I know it's an indent.
Used it anyway though. A 2nd line of course popped up. Now it does look like it has color, BUT I can't trust it obviously.
I'm sure when I pop it open, there will be a huge indent like the last one that I used.

So b/c of the answer test, I used an Equate. The plastic window on the case was scratched up and looked kind of warped, so I popped it open and took a better look. There is a super SUPER faint line on it. Of course the camera didn't pick it up, but here are the photos anyway.

I do think I have the real deal here. There's something in there trying to implant. I'm scared though. I can't even be happy right now b/c I'm too scared to get my hopes up.

I'm not really having any symptoms. I'm getting nauseous every once in a while, but I'm fairly certain it's my nerves causing it.
Only thing that is probably a symptom are my nipples. They're not really sore unless I squeeze the hell out of them lol, but the right one is darker than the left. It's not just the nipple that is darker on the right one, it's the whole aereola.
Oh and also been having some weird dreams. I know that's not a great sign though.


Jen said...

I can clearly see the line on the answer test. Man this is so nerve wracking. I'm still keeping my fingers super crossed girl!

Kerrik said...

How many DPO are you?