Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welp, another day... another test

Here are this morning's tests.
Blahblah fmu, blahblah.

My face is breaking out like crazy and boy is that not attractive!
Getting a lot of pimples by my jaw/ears. Also getting them on my cheeks and forehead.
Still spotting a teeny little bit. It's just there when I use the bathroom and not even all the time. When it is, it's just a barely there tint.
Left ovary started aching some, then the right one started, and now, nothing.
Temp went back up to 97.76. I think changing my diet has lowered my temp. I read that it can do something w/ people with hypothyroidism and I think it has done that to me and lowered my body temp.
I'm not positive obviously but the few times before when I did take my temp pre-O, they were lower than they have been.

I'm saving the remaining answer test for Thursday. Figure if HCG continues to rise, by then there should be an obvious darkening.

I think my HCG is going to continue to rise though and I don't think it's going to be a good thing.
I know everyone is hoping for the best, but come on... when has this ever happened to someone and it end well? Seriously, I can't find ANYTHING on google.
Whenever I look for low betas at 21dpo, pfft, they're still reporting betas of 1000+.
I do greatly appreciate everyone that is hopeful for me though. Very sweet and very touching.
I just don't have any hope. 

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Meike said...

I just can't help but hope for u , but I can understand that u just want to know now and well basicly have it over with either way .

Roll on Friday !

Meike X