Sunday, May 1, 2011

A whole bunch and then some

Still getting a lot of EWCM. Not complaining at all though.
DH and I BD'd last night and I could really tell a difference in how the semen stayed put instead of coming back out once I was up.
It was just a for fun sexual romp so we weren't worried about the best positions to keep things in there and I got up right afterwards and almost no leakage.
So yay for EWCM! :P lol

It's weird.... it's like after seeing what my body was doing is when my body decided to start having all of these symptoms. Like it waited for me to know before doing anything :P lol
My boobs have slowly been getting sorer, but nothing too bad until about mid-afternoon yesterday.
Same with the EWCM. I didn't see anything until yesterday after my appointment.

Going to have to go to my appointment alone tomorrow :(
DH has some thing at work he can't miss so... yeah... This is gonna be my first u/s without him there. Booo

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LisaB said...

Yay for lots of EWCM! Good luck at your appt! FX