Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BLEH! This always happens!

The doubt is starting to sneak in.
I dunno why I'm complaining. Hell, I bitch when I get hopeful, and now I'm bitching b/c I'm losing hope. SIGH! I can't win with myself.

I took a test a little bit ago. It's a lot lighter than the one from this morning. The line is still there, but just barely. Booo, was it sad that I was actually hoping for it to be darker already? lol
I am only 8dpo, but you read from SO many lucky women that get a BFP at 9dpo.
So envious.
Also envy the ones that automatically put up a pregnancy ticker. Just no care in the world b/c they just KNOW as soon as they got that BFP, they are definitely going to have a baby.
I know I've said this before and I'm just repeating myself, but MAN, I would love to have that confidence.

I really need to stop googling. Or well, I've been using bing... so what is that... binging? :P Anywho... I REALLY need to stop b/c it's just making me more angry at fertile women.
I've been looking up early preggo symptoms by dpo.
And too many times come across fertiles w/ their "I got pregnant on our first try!" and then that same heifer proclaiming that they got pregnant 2 months after their first one was born and how they just KNEW they were pregnant! Oh just SHUT UP.

I think those are the ones that bother me. Reading symptoms and how the woman "just knew". Uh huh... how about you just shut the hell up too and leave me to my anxiety and not knowing!

I really need to talk DH in to buying us some boxing gloves and a punching bag b/c I could definitely use some stress relief when I come across those posts and now when I feel like I'm freaking out from the anxiety!

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One Cycle at a Time said...

I hear you!! I hate when I get my hopes up... then I hate when I feel the cycle is a bust... So I can't win either! Chalk it up to IF neurosis I guess. :-)

I hate those girls too... Blah! Its soooo infuriating that some people have it soooo easy and the rest of us not so much...

Good luck this cycle!