Saturday, May 14, 2011

I just like torturing myself.

I took a noon test. Now from past experiences, I know my PP for whatever reason on noon tests is better than my FMU, yet I still take tests w/ FMU. You would think by now, I would've stopped with the FMU and just waited, but oh no.... not me.

Anyway.... back to the torture.
There's a line on my noon HPT. A pretty apparent, visible, yet faint line. Absolutely no squinting needed to see it... not like yesterday's tests where it could've gone either way. No, this test HAS a line.
What does it mean? I dunno. Is it faulty? I sure as hell hope not.
I tried getting a few photos of it. Sigh, I really want a new camera. How sad is it that I only want a new one so it picks up faint pee stick lines.

OPK and HPT together.

Just the HPT taken w/ different camera settings. Hopefully you can kinda see it?

I'll get a better photo later if it starts to darken when it dries.

Spotting hasn't gotten any heavier, but I know it is still early in the day and things can change quickly.
I had a BM though, and usually w/ a BM it pushes whatever is in the vag out. Still not a lot of spotting and it was brownish.

UGH. I hope my body isn't just F-ing with me b/c my hopes are going up. Feeling really fragile right now and I although I know I can handle bad news as I have before... there are going to be a lot more tears this time. Hell, I'm crying right now just thinking about getting heartbroken again.

EDIT: Here's the test at that drying point where the line shows up well. I upped the lighting which is why it looks kind of funky.

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