Monday, May 30, 2011

Hmmm... could it be?

Alrighty, so last night wasn't fun. We got pizza last night for dinner, and I put a packet of crushed red pepper on my pizza. Sigh... peppers are def a trigger for my gut to go in to emergency diarrhea mode.
I was in and out of the bathroom for 2 hrs.
Well anywho.... w/ the BMs I was also getting A LOT of EWCM.
WTH right?
I mean I've gotten a little bit w/ BMs before. Only just a little though, but this was different.
The first time, it completely covered the tp, and the rest of the times was still there in a good quantity.
But, when I checked with my fingers....or well tried to anyway... nothing but creamy cm.
So yeah... my BMs were definitely pushing this stuff out, but it was too high up to get to with my fingers.
Maybe it was getting pushed out from the cervix? Who knows, but it gave me some hope.

Maybe if I am going to ovulate on my own, that's the reason why my OPKs have still been coming back with decent lines even though the HPTs have been getting lighter.
Today's tests are REALLY light. Woke up just a little earlier than usual so that could be why, but fmu was a really good hold.
I'll try to remember to take another test this afternoon.
HPT is super super faint. Still something there, but only just a shadow. OPK is obviously a lot lighter.

So yeah.... I guess we'll BD just in case. I'll keep an eye on my temps, but it's going to be difficult since my temps have kind of been all over the place b/c of the m/c. I guess I'll know for sure if AF arrives on its own.
I'm not holding my breath that I'll ovulate on my own. I haven't probably since I was a teenager.

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