Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Once again....

Stupid body!!
I swear, what is the point of only getting 2-3 days of EWCM if it's nowhere near to when you're gonna ovulate??
Shouldn't it last up to the day you ovulate at least? GEEZE

Used preseed again last night. It seems to be holding things in there, but I guess we'll see if it's enough. Just so frustrated with my body. Got SO much EWCM before and then when I really need it, POOF, it's gone. Grrrr.

Think the trigger shot is giving me a new side effect this time around. I am SUPER bloated/ache feeling in my uterus. I'm also peeing a lot right now which sucks. I PP'd right before we BD'd so I wouldn't get that urge to afterwards.
But nope, it didn't work. About 5mins after we were done, I had to go again. I managed to wait at least 10 more mins, but REALLY had to go. Tried to let it trickle out on its own so I wouldn't push any sperm out lol.

No temp rise yet so guess I may not have ovulated just yet.
I thought I was yesterday afternoon. I had some pretty intense sharp pains coming from my right ovary. These made me gasp b/c they were so strong. It could've been ovulation and my temps just haven't caught up yet, but who knows. Maybe I'll experience those pains again.

Taking it easy today. Going to lay on the couch. Read some books and watch some movies and hope it helps w/ the bloating some.

EDIT: Oh, I'm starting to feel some slight pains from my right ovary again. Started right after I posted this actually.
Not as bad as yesterday, but not pleasant.

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LisaB said...

I bet your temp will spike tomorrow! That happened to me last cycle. It took an extra day to show ovulation. That sucks about your EWCM drying up! Good luck!!