Thursday, May 5, 2011

No temp shift

Damnit, had a nice long post written out and the site screws up! SIGH

Anyway.... concerned today b/c my temp hasn't gone up at all.
I stayed up a bit this morning after fixing DH's breakfast and googled up info.
Seems as though women are being told that the trigger shot can screw with your temps and you may not get a thermal shift even though you do ovulate. Or it may delay the shift even though you've ovulated.
Really hope that's my own case.
It could've happened last cycle as well, b/c according to temps, I didn't O until 3 days after the trigger which would be considered late on the trigger shot.

Plus I'm thinking that may be my case since I did have those pretty intense ovary cramps the day after the trigger shot, and really, what else would that have been other than ovulation? It would also explain why my CM has dried up. Although it did dry up the day before I think I may have ovulated which is still messed up lol.
We'll still continue to BD just in case though.

Read some posts from women who had this happen to them. Either delayed temp rises or no temp rise, but they ended up getting their BFP that cycle anyway. So that's encouraging.

I start the progesterone suppositories tomorrow. I hope there's a temp shift by then to at least ease my mind.

Bloating has gone down a little. Still here, but not as achy as it was thank goodness.
Still peeing like crazy though. Water goes right through me. Had to PP twice this morning within 20mins after drinking a cup of water.
I'll be happy for it when I'm pregnant, but right now it is super annoying! lol

Hmm what else.
My boobs aren't as sore any longer, but now the trigger nipples are starting. Constantly erect, larger, and sore to the touch.

I'm dreaming a lot more, but nothing very vivid. At least not yet. Getting a lot of "real life" dreams. Ya know, boring ones :P lol

Think that's about it for now!


Marly said...

Good Luck thinking of you this cycle

SLESE1014 said...

sending you hopes and wishes...Everything looked so good this cycle...I hope it works out for you!