Monday, May 2, 2011


Ok.... count this as one of the only few times I'll ever give a TMI warning.
Don't worry, you're not about to see a photo of my vag or anything. It's just a photo of EWCM.

Used the bathroom a little bit ago, and there was a little bit of cm on the tp. I saw that it was pretty stretchy and tested it on my fingers and here it is.

Not entirely sure this is all me. I'm not sure if the lube the doc's office uses stretches like this or not. I think this is all me though.
Going to drink a ton of water for the next couple of days. Make sure to give my body lots of fluids to produce plenty of EWCM :)

Feeling pretty bloated down there and my right ovary is really starting to ache now FINALLY.
I'm still feeling a few things on the left but not much. What I was feeling before must've been bowel.

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MegsW07 said...

I never thought I'd say this but that's some beautiful EWCM you've got there, lol! Personally, I think it's all you...I think most doctor's offices use a water based lube that wouldn't have any stretch to it!