Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not looking good IMO

Here are this mornings tests.
Took an answer.
Figured since I took the other one in the morning, I should take this one in the morning as well.
I think that was a mistake but whatever lol.
There's pretty much no progression. Now whether if that's b/c there actually isn't, or b/c my FMU sucks... *shrugs* I'm not taking another answer today.

And here are my wondfos.
They look about the same as yesterday morning tests.
HPT actually looks slightly lighter in the photo but darkened up a little after I took it.

I don't think this is going to end well. Just not enough progression IMO for where things SHOULD be.
I mean I've read the women that said they had period like bleeding.
They'd test and test, and nothing. Then a month or hell, even 5 months later, after getting their "period" each month, they would test again, and all of a sudden get a positive. Some of them actually claim to get blood tests done as well, and those also came back negative. No idea how that would happen.
They'd think they were just a little pregnant and u/s shows that BAM, 2 months, 3 months, 5 months.. whatever.
I think that's pretty crazy. Is that happening to me? Most doubtful.

Left ovary is still aching. Feels like my right one has joined in. Just a barely there poke feeling.
AF is still here. Mostly just there when I use the bathroom. Some reaches a pad, but just a spot or 2. Still a good bit comes out when I use the bathroom though. Clots seem to have gone.

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