Saturday, May 21, 2011

Afternoon tests

First, here are the wondfos. HPTs and OPK.
OPK is darker. Meh... HPTs, I can't tell. They're darker from this morning, but darker from yesterday? *shrugs*

And I said I wasn't going to, but I lied. I took one of my remaining Equates.
We were gonna get more tests at Walmart, but the one we go to sucks and they have the HPTs stashed away with the cigarettes behind that one register. BLEH.
We may go back out later when we go to dinner and get some. We'll see.
Anyway... here's the Equate

It's def a lot darker than the squinter I had before, but still pretty light.

RE better have some answers on Monday. OOO would be nice if they decided to dildocam me. Well, not that I like getting probed with that thing, but it would be interesting to see if there was anything visible going on in there... ya know?

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JMM said...

that looks positive to me!!! What do you think?? :)