Saturday, May 14, 2011

Indent and them some!

Good lord..... some quality control would be frickin nice!!
No squinting even needed to see that sucker.

It's funny... BOTH of my BFP cycles, I've had indent problems with answer tests. I would stop buying them if the local Walmarts didn't suck ass and kept their own tests stocked on the shelves more often.
But yeah, seriously, after I use what I have up, I'm not buying Answer tests any longer.
The money we have to spend for these overpriced pee sticks, I want some GD quality control to them.

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socialite_baby said...

Our walmart can't stock their shelves to save their lives either... Whenever I see good tests I buy in bulk!

What's happened to all the "good" tests? FRER and Answers were the go to HPTs when I first started TTC and now they're crap. Very sad!