Friday, May 6, 2011

Treating me weird

Trigger shot is def not the same this time around.
I THOUGHT trigger nipples were starting, but nope. I mean they're still erect the majority of the time, but they're not as sore as they have been before.
Maybe it all coincides with the weird temps I've been having?

Bloating is still here. Not so bad if I don't move around much but feels terrible if I am moving. I grunt and curse like a sailor whenever I have to get up or sit down lol.
I remember having this problem once before really bad, but can't remember why it happened. *shrugs*

I TOTALLY want to cheat like crazy w/ diet this weekend. I want one of those klondike mint chocolate chip bars. YUM. And I want some cake, and some creamy cheesy pasta, and SIGH. I want the bad stuff! lol
When we go grocery shopping, going to look at some of those gluten free flours. Look up some recipes right now to see if it's something we can have.
Maybe make my own pasta. OOO that would be fun and messy! heh

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JMM said...

I know! Last weekend, My hubby went last minute shopping for a *few* things we missed and came back with those mint chocolate klondike bars...oh my gosh, they were toooooo good...they are finally gone....those were def. my weakness this week..ugh! :)