Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ok seriously... WTF?

I wanted to use up the last Answer test. Get it out of the way. Plus, I just wanted to take a test. Yes, I'm still on AF, but what can I say...
I just wanted to make sure everything was BFN.
So, I took the last answer. I usually pee in to a cup and dip my tests. Easier that way and no chance of PP splashing off the test and back on to me.
But I just decided to pee on to the test. I wasn't going to test again, and there wouldn't be a point b/c it was gonna come up BFN right?
With a beta of only 8.... on monday, how the hell am I still getting a GD line? And yes, it's PINK. When I first saw the line, I thought, oh it must be an indent, no... it's PINK.
I'm freaking out if you couldn't tell.

I'm seriously worried that maybe I have an ectopic. I haven't felt any kind of aching from just one side though. Both of my ovaries have been aching, but that's it.
I haven't temped in 2 days b/c hell, I didn't think there was a need to.

And this AF, although not as achy as the last few, has been just like any other AF. It's the right color, it's been heavy, there have been lots of clots.
So yeah.... WTF?

I'm not calling the doc unless I start feeling aches coming from one side. I should be getting wondfo tests today, so I'll keep testing and seeing what happens.
Maybe this test was just a fluke some how and I'm freaking out over a faulty test or something. I dunno.


One Cycle at a Time said...

What the hell is right?? I'd be freaking too!!! That line is clear as day!!! Keep us posted.

Sandy said...

So strange. I think I would get another blood test! Good luck!

Lindsey said...

That is a serious BFP. I'd call my doc for a repeat beta for sure, it could be great news or it could mean ectopic but either way is so important to know!