Monday, May 2, 2011


So I had my ultrasound this morning. Not exactly what I was hoping for.
My follicles actually didn't grow that much more from 2 days ago. Probably b/c they're needing so much FSH now and on the same dose it slowed down some? Just guessing but it sounds good rofl.

So anyway... the RE measured 4 follicles between 16-18mm. They gave me the trigger shot, but I'm really concerned that they triggered me too soon. I know they probably gave me the trigger b/c of the one that was measuring 18, but this still feels like it's too soon. Like if they had just waited at least another day, it would've let a few more catch up.
I know the trigger shot will help some of them grow more, but just UGH... worried now.
Damnit this was supposed to be a good day. Get the trigger shot, start BDing like crazy, but oh no!
I know I'm probably worried for nothing and I know they've been at this a lot longer so know what works and what doesn't.
Just wish it was black and white. No inbetween areas that I have to worry over!

Oh and it looked like there was another follicle that he didn't measure for whatever reason.  That one looked to be in the same range. I also had a few smaller ones, but not even worth mentioning those.

He attempted to look for my left ovary, but didn't look for very long and said it didn't matter.
I really think I may have some larger follicles on that side as well. It could be bowel, but it could be the ovary. Also worried that I never seem to ovulate from that side. Lazy ovary.

So yeah, that's where we're at right now.
I took a test when I got home. It was a little less than an hour after the shot and I just wanted to see if the trigger was visible on tests yet.
There's actually a really faint line on the HPT. It's barely there though so could just be a ghost line.

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