Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another day....

Here is my test for this morning.
The PP sample wasn't all that concentrated, but meh. The line on the hpt is still there, just super faint right now. I think I'll still see it tomorrow, and hopefully by 10dpt, it will be gone, OR preferably, the line will get darker.

My temp was up this morning. I had to take it 2 hours sooner though, but still, up is up right?
My chart still sucks, but whatever.

Been feeling slightly nauseous. Not realy bad or anything, just a slight queasy feeling. I'm TRYING not to look in to it, but it's difficult not to read in to everything lol.

My uterus also feels pretty hard. When I was trying to get back to sleep after taking my temp, I was poking around down there, and it was pretty hard and achy.
Did it again just a little bit ago when taking a shower. Not achy, but still hard. Hope that's a good sign. I know I've read about women feeling like their uteruses were hard when they were pregnant.
Then again w/ all of the bloating I've had, that could be it too so who knows.

Erm what else.... boobs were sore early this morning, but not so much now. I mean they are if I smoosh them, but really nothing. Nipples are still large and still only slightly sore.

Feels like I had something else I wanted to say but now I can't remember. If I think of it, I'll of course post again :D

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LisaB said...

Go away trigger and come on BFP! Your symptoms sound good!