Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Still spotting. That's not normal for my recent normal AF's. Maybe whatever is in there is going to come out.

Here is afternoon tests.
HPT looks lighter to me. Not saying too much though, but I'm hoping it is lighter.

I hate that I even have to say that now. Hoping that my tests get lighter. After all of this wishing and hoping with everything I have, now wishing and hoping that this will just go away on its own.
I don't want to have to get a D&C or surgery or anything. Just go away so my body can rest and so we can start back when we want.
If I have to take that pill to end a possible ectopic, we probably wouldn't be able to try again for months! And no telling how long they would want me to wait after a D&C.
So yeah.... it breaks my heart, but I want this to go away...... just do something right for a change body and make this go away.

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