Thursday, May 19, 2011

Equate tests

I don't think my noon pp was very good this time around. Probably b/c all of my liquids are going towards AF. Seriously when AF arrives, I barely have to pee at all.

Anyway, I took an equate and a wondfo opk. OPK was negative.
Equate has a faint line.
It's a lot fainter than the answer test though so yeah. Not sure what that means.
Took 2 photos in 2 diff lights to try to get the line to show up better.

I'm not getting my hopes up AT ALL. I'm more scared that this is ectopic.

EDIT: Got my wondfos. 20 of them. Thought it was just 10. Either way, YAY!
They're the pink handle ones. Think I read those are really sensitive?
Don't have to pee right now, but I'll take one later.

I don't think these tests mean anything. Not with all of the clots I've been passing. Trying to find stories about bleeding this much, but usually they're all just spotting or super light bleeding. No full on AF bleeding.

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