Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Can't say I'm feeling very hopeful right now.
My temp did go back up a little bit, so that's good, but tests are still BFN. :(
Damn, where is that peaceful feeling I had before the TWW! It up and gave me the finger before it left!
There's a shadow line again, but that's all it is. No light BFP or anything. I wish....

12dpt...... 10dpo. Losing hope, or well, the little bit I have, I'm struggling to hold on to.
On my one and only BFP cycle, I didn't get a BFP until 13dpo. I think I may have on 12dpo, but maybe thought it was just evap lines. That's still not very comforting since it ended in m/c.

Tomorrow... if AF is going to arrive. I'm going to start spotting. It probably won't start until later in the day just to screw with me, but yeah. Just have to wait now and see what happens.

Looking at FF charts, Negative before Positive ones in particular is making me feel a little better. Nice to see other women that were 10, 11dpo getting bfns, then BAM bfp.


unaffected said...

FX for no spotting tomorrow and a nice line!!

LisaB said...

Nooo stay away AF!!!

Kerrik said...

This is the reason they tell us not to POAS before it's time...yet somehow I always convince myself it's a good idea.