Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I SOOOOO want to pee on everything right now lol. I don't have many wondfo HPTs left so I'm really struggling not to.

I love it when DH is home. Just his presence really calms my nerves. I am still really nervous about all of this though. He said he was going to wait to see what happens (if we're preg or not) before writing the insurance company. I think he should go ahead and do it, but it's only a few more days.

I'm so scared that my temp tomorrow is going to drop again. If it does, I think it's just going to be a wait for AF then and I'm going to be crushed.
Wishing with every ounce of my being that there's something on the test tomorrow. I would take a better one, but I only have 1 answer test and 1 digital left and I want to save those.

Possible symptoms tonight. Felt sick to my stomach after dinner. That could've easily still been my nerves though. I was still feeling pretty anxious then. The nausea last for about an hour before going away.
Also getting dull headaches that come and go on their own.
Same w/ my boobs. They're still doing what they have been. On and off soreness, but they have stayed a little more sore today.
Oh and my ovary aches have returned. I had a sharp pain on the right side again, but after that, it has mostly been dull. Right now it's burning which could be a cyst that burst or something. Who the hell knows.
My back has been really achy today and yesterday. I thought it might have been from bowling, but I felt fine the day after. No soreness, just a little stiff in the neck (which is still going on). Not sure why my back feels like this though. It's about midback.

I had another strange dream last night as well.
Dreamt that someone we know had a lot of dogs that just had a lot of puppies. I get SO excited and tell DH that we are getting a new puppy. No debating over it, we ARE getting one lol.
So we head to this person's house and go to where they're keeping all of the dogs. And they are everywhere. Mutts, purebred dogs, everything. I get SO excited and start looking at all the puppies. Now the weird thing is is that some of the puppies were no bigger than a jellybean. I kept warning people not to step on any of them b/c they were all over the place so you had to watch your step.
We eventually pick a dog. I think it was a made up dog that my brain came up with. It looked similiar to one of those longhair greyhound looking dogs (Afghan hound). It wasn't quite that but that's the closest one it resembled.

Well it doesn't sound that weird compared to some of my other ones lol. I just thought the jellybean size puppies was weird. :P

Taking lots and lots of deep breathes right now trying to calm myself. Going to work on the signpost some more.

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