Monday, February 21, 2011

I hate the day after

I really do! Specially if I drank too much like I did. I always feel like crap the day after. Doesn't help that I am ALL banged and bruised up. I have a huge bruise/lump on my ass cheek. No idea where that came from. DH doesn't remember doing it. I think I must've just bumped in to something. Back of my neck is sore. My forehead and under my chin are bruised. I think b/c of when I was throwing up. The toilet became my very hard pillow lol.
And my lungs hurt from the puking.
Thankfully today was a lazy day though. Didn't have to worry about grocery shopping like usual. DH is off tomorrow so we're going then.

Oh I forgot to mention this oh so wonderful person I saw in the parking lot yesterday.
We were just starting to pull out of our parking space when a car parked in to a space in front of us. All of a sudden, I see the woman driver smack the ever living crap out of whatever is in the passenger seat.... TWICE. I'm not talking about just a slight smack. This bitch was not holding back.
Well we were already about to drive off, and that's when I see a little child's head pop up in the front seat. The child couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 years old. NM that it didn't look like they were in a childseat b/c well, they were up front.
All I could do was groan. My heart just completely sank after I saw that.
I wish I had said something. Told DH to stop or get the license or something, but when you see something like that happen... well for me... you're just not prepared for it ya know? SIGH. That poor little kid.

I just don't understand why people like that are always the ones that are the most fertile. WTF nature... WTF.

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One Cycle at a Time said...

Wow!! I would hate to witness that too!!! Makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it. Its just so unfair....