Friday, February 25, 2011

The truth...

Well, DH went off with his family to eat. I asked him what he was going to tell them when they ask why I'm not there. He said he didn't know, and I just told him to tell the truth.
He thinks, well thought, I'm depressed b/c his sister is pregnant. I told him it's not about her at all and of course started feeling that uncontrollable kind of sobbing coming on so I couldn't talk.
I guess he thought the only reason I was depressed was b/c she's pregnant and I'm not. Of course that makes me sad and jealous, but it's not even the reason.
Hopefully I got at least some of why I'm feeling the way I am before he left. I don't want his family thinking I'm this selfish bitch that can't be happy for them.
I am happy for them deep down, but my own pains are overwhelming every part of me right now.

Poor DH doesn't know what to do for me. Him just being there is enough for me. Listening when I need him to and talking with me.
He's writing the letter to the insurance this weekend. He was going to do it last weekend, but doing the taxes took up most of the day.
I hope the insurance gets straightened out. I don't know what we're going to do if it doesn't.

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Kerrik said...

I'm sorry Lisa. Sometimes it is so hard getting the people around us to really understand what we are thinking and why we are feeling the way we are. I have the conversation/argument with my husband on a regular basis it seems.

Love to you.