Friday, February 4, 2011

POASaholic? That's me!

I am my own worst enemy here. MAN I wish I could just stop and relax. My heart is racing a mile a minute.
So.... I took some more tests. I couldn't help it.

I'm freaking out right about now... why? B/c there IS a line on the wondfo and it most def has color. It is still light though so it may not come up in a photo well.
Also, I took an opk for the hell of it. It's also pretty dark. I know you can't rely on them to tell you anything, but the few I've taken during this TWW have been super faint lines.
I also took an answer test though, and I think my eyes want to see a line. It's like 1 sec I think I may see something, the next it's blank. But I am not imagining things for the IC.

I'm freaking out a bit and I'm scared to get my hopes up. There is still plenty of day left to get AF, and I've gotten ify lines on IC's before. Enough that I just can't trust this one. Would be different if some clear had appeared on the answer.

EDIT: Used the bathroom before my shower, passed more blood and also a small clot. Blood was still a peach color. So yeah, dunno what's going to happen, but it's not looking great. Hopefully it will stop and won't start back up.

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