Monday, February 28, 2011

Meh, not bad...

Mixed some greek yogurt w/ a fruit cup (diced peach in juice). Also added in half a pack of truvia after tasting it without lol. Just not a fan of plain non-sweetened yogurt.
But now it's not bad at all. Tastes just like any other yogurt you can buy. Also going to have a yum gold delicious apple.
So yeah, nice and healthy lunch. Still a lot of sugar though. Next time I'll just pour out the juice and only use the fruit w/ probably a little more truvia added in. I know it's still not the best thing for me to eat, but it's a start. Maybe try just sweetening the yogurt and dipping the apple in to it. I'm sure that would be pretty good too.
I like this greek yogurt though. LOTS of protein in it. Think it's something like 23g of it in 1 cup/serving. AND it has less lactose so it's easier on the stomach if you have a problem digesting dairy.

I did P90 Sweat 3-4 today. My eyes started getting heavy in the middle of exercising. That was pretty weird.
I also had to slow it down right near the end b/c my stomach started to feel a bit nauseous.
It was still a good workout though.

Ya know, I always thought I was pear shaped. Before hopping in the shower, I backed up some to try to get a good look at my body, and I am very rectangle now. I used to have really big hips b/c my booty was huge. It's still pretty large, but apparently that has been going away. My hips aren't going to get much smaller (other than booty size), thankfully or else I'd start having an apple body shape. My upper body is still pretty large and fat while my lower body is apparently losing all of the weight (except for my fingers... sigh).

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