Friday, February 18, 2011

Why Body? WHY???

Why is my body torturing me??? I couldn't get to sleep until frickin 5am!!! And that was only b/c I went out on the couch and laid down AND that took a while for me to get to sleep as well. BLEH!
Woke up a little late and thankfully right now I'm feeling ok. Going to resist taking a nap this afternoon at all costs.
I AM exercising today. Maybe that will also help with the sleep tonight.
My right calf has been really sore since yesterday. Hopefully w/ the warmup stretches and such it will go away.
Ya know, weird thing... my right foot was hurting. And I thought exercising may make it worse, but it actually made the pain disappear. How weird is that? The pain was on the top of my foot. I couldn't feel it all the time. Just went I  bent my foot a certain way and I could walk just fine. *shrugs* Not complaining, just weird heh.

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LisaB said...

Aw that sucks!!! I'm glad you're doing better now. Good luck with your exercise! Try not to beat yourself up if you can't get to it all the time. Your body has been through a lot of trauma lately!