Monday, February 21, 2011

Better today, but sad

Just found out last night that 2 women from the 2 buddy groups I'm in got surprise BFPs.
Let me say that I am nothing but happy for them and can't wait to hear about their experiences through their pregnancies. I need to make that clear in case anyone from there reads this and thinks that they shouldn't post any longer or something silly like that. I enjoy reading about my forum friends' experiences through their pregnancies and about their babies and all of that great stuff.

Just seeing their BFPs made me sad for myself is all. Just this last early loss hit me again and seeing their newly gotten surprise positive tests just reminded me that nope.... I'm not there yet.
I'm no uberly sad about it. Just a little bummed is all.
But like I said, I couldn't be anything but happy for these 2 awesome ladies.

On a different note. I will be exercising today. My body is still beat up to hell, so may take it a bit easy, but I'm doing something.


socialite_baby said...

I'm so sorry. :( Even though we don't have to see their bumps grow in real life it's still just as hard... While their BFP's remind you that you're not there yet also help it remind you that it's possible to get there! And you will! :) Good luck!

LisaB said...

I know it's hard, hun. Thinking of you! Hugs!