Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things done differently

Just feel the need to post this. I'm still not celebrating yet, but wanted to list what was done this cycle, and things done differently.

We had sex 5 times after the HCG shot. Twice the day of the trigger. Twice the day after, and then once the day after that (when I ovulated).
The last 2 times we had sex, I orgasmed after DH did. I made sure to prop my butt up on 2 pillows afterwards as well for at least 15-30minutes. Oh and a few of the times we were DTD, we would do it in missionary w/ my butt already propped up on the 2 pillows. (Highly recommend doing that sometimes anyway ;) )

I drank grapefruit juice starting on cd6. I think I drank it until I took the trigger shot or maybe even the day after. I can't really remember. OceanSpray brand. First container was no sugar added, sweetened w/ splenda. 2nd container was no sugar added, and nothing to sweeten it.
I think the grapefruit juice really helped with CM. I was also taking Evening Primrose Oil. Now brand called Super Primrose. 1300mg gelcaps, twice a day.

Erm, I took baby aspirin or low dose. Whatever you want to call it. Not sure when I started it though. After ovulation, but can't remember exactly when.

And w/ the poop thing again. I know, I'm sorry. I know I talk about my poop a lot but metformin has made it a big part of this process I think.
Anyways, I did my best to avoid foods I know to flair up my metformin IBS. Such as salads, and this certain ramen that I love. I kind of convinced myself that my frequent bathroom trips was causing problems w/ implanting or something like that lol.

I think that's it. I don't remember doing anything else, but I'm sure I'm probably forgetting soemthing.

Sigh.................stupid spotting..........

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