Saturday, February 12, 2011

Now I remember

Why I hate doing eliptical and treadmill.
I only managed about 32mins today.
I absolutely hate doing the eliptical and treadmill. I try to watch a movie while on either, and I can still never take my mind off what I'm doing so it makes it feel like it's taking FOREVER. 5mins feels like frickin 15.
It's awful. It's so dull.
I did eliptical today and I don't even feel like I got in a good workout. I'd much rather do dvd workouts. I'll do that tomorrow. I just can't stand doing the eliptical again, or the treadmill... ever!

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same! I find music helps me. Also I want to get a Wii and get Just Dance 2!! Looks like fun and a good workout!

P.S. Going back to the gym Monday....haven't gone since before the holidays!